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A Sample Chapter

from "Where is your Strength" book

Do you find yourself questioning who you are? Maybe what your purpose is, or what your values are? Understanding and knowing yourself is one of the most important skills you can possess. Whether you are learning from success or failure, you will begin to understand your goals, fears and ambitions fully.

How I organised my writing calendar

Key Facts - release date TBC

Many writers, myself included, have a hard time organizing their days, weeks, or months to accommodate all the tasks required by the writing life. Whatever your career path may be, how can we set boundaries and keep ourselves motivated day-in-and-out.

How to develop a daily writing habit

Key Facts - to be released on 8th July 2020

Thinking of becoming a writer or an author? Finding the inspiration to write is different for everybody, but it takes good discipline to commit to a daily writing habit. Discover 10 steps that will guide and remove the obstacles - to write.

3 powerful ways to action your dreams

Key Facts - release date 15th July 2020

5 impactful habits that will turn your big dreams into reality. Whether it is big dreams in your relationships, finance, business, lifestyle or family, I will share 5 ways to activate your dreams. The first basic step is by taking action to request this key facts.

The Emotional detox challenge for growth

Key Facts - release date 25th July 2020

Don't we just want to let go of any emotional baggage, disappointments, hurts that once left you feeling shattered? It's time for new beginnings and starting fresh. Some tips shared on reigniting a new definition of you. Let's start with this one first - be kind to yourself.

A guide to discover your passion

Key Facts - release date 8th August 2020

Many people ask how can I find my passion and talent? How can you find the career that you love? What can you do to motivate yourself to discover your true self? A powerful, short guide to help you find your true identity, strength, passion and discover what you are meant to be.

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