Frequently Asked Questions

What is The Moment of Truth Nigeria?

THE MOMENT OF TRUTH NIGERIA is a TV talk show featuring high profile leaders and underrepresented individuals succeeding in the industry. The TV series is to support and promote young innovators to build the future entrepreneurs; consisting a 8 weeks competition and designed to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of Nigerians. The objective of The Unleashed is to give an opportunity and reward young talented Nigerians who have unbeatable business ideas, to compete against one another in a bid to ultimately win Two Million Naira to start their new business or to support their existing business.

Who can participate in the Challenge?

Participation in this Reality Show is opened to every Nigerian citizen between the ages of 21 to 45 years and to encourage their entrepreneurial acumen through informal training, knowledge and financial assistance.

Every participant is expected to have either a great business idea or an existing business that is possible with the sum of Two Million Naira.

How is the Challenge different from other business case competitions?

Most business plan competitions focus on the output – often an elaborate document that does not focus on the core risks and challenges faced by a new venture. This competition is different.

To begin with, candidates have to base their ventures on real entrepreneurial opportunities that solve the world's biggest challenges and market needs. In addition, candidates are required to network and have a 1-2-1 training with industry leaders to refine their ideas in a two day bootcamp - whose sole objective is to take the opportunity through to the next stage of investment. We have created an entertaining and inspirational TV show combined with a crowdfunding element where viewers can also watch and have the opportunity to invest in the viable businesses to help them launch. 

What kind of business ideas are we sourcing for?

We encourage a business idea that is commercially viable to solve big problems.

Is this a physical audition?

This would be a blend of physical and online audition. The physical auditions will hold in Lagos, while registrants outside this region can have the opportunity to audition online (terms and conditions apply)

How do I submit my idea? Can I change my submission form after it is already submitted?

Please submit your idea by filling out this form here by 17th December 2021 (first stage deadline).

Once your entry is submitted, and provided you successfully reach the second stage of the competition, you will not be allowed to substantially change or edit it during the second stage. You are however encouraged to continue to develop and refine your idea.

Can I submit more than one idea?

Absolutely! Please submit as many ideas as you like. However, individuals are only allowed to represent one idea for the Boot Camp finals.

Can existing business owners also apply or it's only for new business ideas?

An entrepreneur with an existing innovative business  can also participate if it requires more funds or in need for an investor.

I don’t have an idea, but I would like to participate. Can I join the competition?

We strongly encourage you to try to create your own ideas, even if they are rough sketches, we encourage you to still submit for Stage 1. 

What are the stages for selecting the final contestants for the show?

  • 1st Stage: Idea Submission

    Candidates are expected to submit their entry by filling out a registration form on the website stating their business idea, be no more than 200 words and be submitted by 4th January 2022.

  • 2nd Stage: Pitch Battle

         1st round:

         Successful contestants from the first stage will be contacted to submit                           PowerPoint presentations, should be an equivalent to an "investors deck, no             more than 20 slides in length and be submitted in PDF format by 28th                          January 2022.

        2nd round:

        Contestants are required to present a 5 minute pitch using their PowerPoint            presentations, where their business idea will be challenged and will face                        questions from the panel of judges on the viability of the idea.

  • 3rd Stage: Two Days Bootcamp

         Semi final contestants from the second stage will have 48 hours to refine                     their business idea. During the bootcamp, they will be matched with mentors             and work with them as they prepare their final slide deck to present on the                 main show on television to draw Angel Investors or other early stage                               investors to their idea.

         2nd round:

         The presentation to investors will take place on Friday where each candidate             will present their pitch to investors and the viewers. The judges will                                 deliberate immediately following the final presentations on who should win               the prize fund of 2 Million Naira.