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Are you looking for the next great book to read? Have a look at a few titles recently released below. Since I first began my career as a professional writer, I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked on and published several books which I’m always happy to share with readers. Contact me for more information and to purchase your copies today.

Where is your strength?


June 21st 2020

Can you recall the last time you faced a setback, or an obstacle that had really questioned your purpose in life?

Many people go through situations in their lives that are overwhelming, scary, and tough times that will test their love, faith, and existence. 

Do you find yourself questioning who you are? Maybe what your purpose is, or what your values are? This is a powerful and inspirational guide to help you find unexpected strength during setbacks and to make the biggest transformation of their lives. A must have book to

- take control over their life to discover their unique strengths

- help people become the best version of themselves by unlocking their full potential

- build the confidence and techniques to achieve your dreams

- embrace challenges and overcome obstacles with grace and ease

- stand up for what they believe in and take unstoppable action to create the kind of world that you want to live in

This self help book will guide and empower anyone, especially women, to get back on track to discovering their unique gift and identity. A journey that will help you refill your reservoir of strength, hope, motivation and possibilities to live a better life without fear of ridicule, criticism or failure.


August 25th, 2017

any of us dream about launching a business; we perceive being our own boss as the ultimate freedom; no one to answer to and complete autonomy, are reasons often cited. However unless you have access to a private income, working a job while your venture gets off the ground is a reality for the majority of budding entrepreneurs.
What are the secrets to a work-business balance? Lawunmi Adeniyi, provides definitive solutions to this conundrum in her book. 

Lawunmi almost gave up her entrepreneurial ambitions while committing to reach all time high level stress in a work environment but with careful planning she was able to realise her ambitions. It almost seemed almost impossible, but it worked, with a vision, planning, set goals in place and the drive to be able to break the resistance and start taking actions".

This book will inspire others who are planning or going through the same and give guidance to a clearer definition of you.

This book will guide you on deciding

-If a start up business is right for you

-How to manage a business while committing to a day job

-What to do as a first time business owner

-How to achieve a good work-business healthy balance 


August 1st, 2015

This book will share with you, tips for anyone desiring to be a wedding planner and even if you would like to venture into another line of business.

It defines thoroughly the concept of discovering your natural skills, and how to market your business, various pitfalls to avoid in every aspect of planning, as well as building a professional brand image. This book is simple and straightforward, to which the author has used her personal experience as a wedding planner, to set the reader on the right path to becoming a successful wedding planner. It also includes a simple planning checklist to get you started to planning the perfect celebration and shares with you factors to consider if you are starting out your career on a limited budget.


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